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Proposed Ship Channel Bridge
Program Limits
South of SH 225 to north of Jacintoport Blvd./UPRR
Program Length
4.1 miles

Program Limits: South of SH 225 to North of Jacintoport Blvd./UPRR

Program Length: 4.1 miles

Program Start Date: March 2018

Timeline: The southbound bridge is expected to open to traffic in early 2025. The northbound bridge is expected to open early 2028, completing the program.

Improvements for Drivers:

  • The program will include shoulders on both sides for stalled vehicles, emergency vehicles, and clearing accidents
  • The bridges will have four 12 ft. lanes in each direction of traffic, increasing capacity for future traffic demands
  • Approaches are designed to be less steep and to increase visibility for drivers
  • Higher speed limit than the current posted speed
  • The proposed bridges will remove piers from the water which will improve vessel navigation through the channel

Program Location Map


Program Limits